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Blu Vodka

Category: Vodka

Segment: Premium - Value

Sizes Available: 750ML

This premium vodka is processed through a five-column still, then triple filtered to attain exceptional clarity and superlative quality. Its taste is mellow, extremely clean, very polished and finishes smoothly with a delicate edge. This sensationally elegant vodka is the perfect choice for those who appreciate quality, purity and versatility at an affordable price.

  • Pouring Vodka of choice at leading bars, restaurants and nightclubs in Trinidad

  • Best value - premium vodka in its class; significantly more affordable than higher priced brands

  • Attractive and distinctive packaging

Triple filtration allows Blu Vodka to retain a superior light, clean, crisp and pure taste.

It is extremely mixable and goes well with all types of juices and carbonated beverages, and is the perfect ingredient for all classic vodka cocktail recipes (martinis, etc.).