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Meet Our People

  • Vitra Deonarine

    Market Development Officer

  • Diane Henderson

    Employee Relations and Benefits Officer

  • Emmanuel Buckmire

    Security Officer

  • Ragbir Ramjitsingh


  • Malika Crichton

    Quality Control Manager

  • Je'nille Maraj-Rowe

    SAP Business Analyst – IT

"Angostura is a reflection of the society in which we live. It is a melting pot of energy, personalities and culture. But within this melting pot, Angostura has its own unique culture… of camaraderie, loyalty progression and opportunity"

"I've often said that I "grew up" in Angostura. Fresh out of A 'levels and pursuing my Bsc. Management (part- time), Angostura afforded me the opportunity to pursue my studies whilst meeting my financial obligations. The men and women with whom I worked in Production taught me valuable lessons about the real world....They were my sounding board when I needed it as well as my advocates. I also got free advice on anything and everything. My years in production were a revelation."

"My current position as Market Development Officer (Caricom) allows me to do something I really enjoy. I work with people who are equally passionate about our products as I am. It’s about accepting and respecting each other and building relationships to get the job done. Its hard work but it's hard work with laughs, cheers, shots and drinks mixed in."

"I was thrilled that I was offered the Graduate Work Intern position in the Corporate Communications department at Angostura Ltd. Angostura appreciated and accepted the fact that I was a young graduate. They took a chance on me. I’ve only been with the company for a few months now, but limited time has not translated into limited experiences. I’ve met great people and learned many things, which in the life of a 23 year old is invaluable. There is opportunity to grow and learn in this world renowned company and that is the reason why I love working here."

"I love working at Angostura because of its rich history and because it is a producer of a world class product. It has the prestige of being the holder of a Royal Warrant. In addition, our products can be found in at least 95 countries worldwide - Angostura truly flavours the world."

"My personal success has been enhanced by the completion of relevant training — It has enhanced my career as a true professional."

"I started to work as a janitor 1973, and I have since moved up through the ranks. I am now a supervisor and I love my job. Angostura inspires me daily and my colleagues give me courage to conquer all challenges every day. I encourage you - Join the Angostura's family. You just can't find this anywhere else."

"My Angostura Experience – Rewarding, Inspiring and Enjoyable."

"I work at Angostura's main laboratory as the Quality Control Manager."

"Our vibrant and diligent lab team ensures that all Angostura's products are made according to the high quality standards which the Angostura name is synonymous with. We are involved in testing, reporting, research and development."

"My journey began as a graduate work intern in the laboratory where I was greeted by a modest family of employees equipped with vast knowledge and experience.... willing to share and nurture. With their thorough training, support and exposure to several dimensions of quality control and assurance, I was able to learn, experience and progress in my career and as an individual."

"The Angostura environment is one of hard work and high performance insulated with exciting social, cultural and community based activities. It's truly a blessing to be a member of this distinguished and diverse family!"

"Working in the Information Technology department at Angostura has been a rewarding experience. There are many opportunities for professional and personal growth, as many types of training are offered to employees as well as the opportunity to attend professional events and to network."

"Within our department we have a great sense of camaraderie and team spirit. As a department, we are guided and supported by our manager and this drives our ability to improve and to be innovative."

"Angostura is a very dynamic place of work. There are always events taking place which allow you the opportunity to bond with fellow staff members and to be a part of the company’s culture and to take pride in its products."

"It is not surprising that many employees provide service to the company until retirement age. It is truly the Angostura family."

Since moving to Angostura just under twenty years ago, I’ve always felt that the company provided me with the space to explore my unlimited initiative to exercise my creativity and skills in the area of Human Resources and in particular, the Employee Relations and Benefits areas of which I’ve spent most my time.

Throughout my tenure the company has afforded me the opportunity to grow as an individual by the interactions with employees from all over the organization. Whilst I’ve learnt from them, it has given me the scope to enhance lifestyles and hopefully employees benefited from the many initiatives developed through my involvement in ER & B, Auditing, OH&S, Wellness, Events and several other interests that my being part of this organization has allowed me to experience.

Angostura continues to forge ahead to maintain and exceed its goals and objectives in this tumultuous economic time. Having been a part of this family like culture, as it is so called internally, and witnessed its challenges and changes, I am proud to express that every bit of it has been a positive and worthy experience that I can only continue to move forward with it, benefiting from its dynamic structure and ever growing vision, savoring the aromatic scents of our bitters!