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At Angostura we have established, implemented and will maintain procedures to identify environmental aspects of the company's activities, products and services. This will take into account planned or new developments, or new or modified activities, products and services in order to determine those which have or can have significant impact on the environment. The elements related to these significant impacts are considered in setting the company's environmental objectives and targets.

Our objectives include:

Water Conservation - To reduce water consumption by water conservation activities. Such activities include: leak maintenance program, awareness signs to remind employees to turn off pipes properly after use and recycling of processed water.

Energy Conservation - To reduce overall energy consumption through efficient energy usage by: turning off computers and lights at the end of the work shift, implementation of automatic start up and shut off times for air conditioning systems.

Solid Waste - To recycle waste material generated through reuse and sale. Solid waste management efforts include recycling of paper, recycling of ingredients bags and drums, resale of scrap metal, glass and carton recycling, repairs of pallets.

Healthy & Safety - To improve health and safety through the implementation of effective Emergency Response Training.