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Performance Overview

Chairman's Report

The Group has ended the year with profit after tax of $163.7m, an improvement of $10.3m against the prior year. Through careful management of expenses and targeted brand investment, the Group has maintained profitability in spite of increasing global economic pressures, and is keen to carry these measures forward to 2016.

Recognised capital investment for 2015 totaling $53.0m, was applied towards optimising operational efficiency and competitiveness in the global marketplace, whilst addressing our social and environmental responsibility in our plant upgrades.

I wish to recognise the dedication and continued efforts of the management team and all employees in the achievement of reported results, and also thank the Board of Directors for their stewardship over the past year.

The Board is pleased to declare a final dividend of $0.20 per share in respect of 2015, with a record date of April 8, 2016 and payment date of April 22, 2016.

Together with the interim dividend of $0.10 per share paid on September 4, 2015, the total dividend in respect of 2015 will close at $0.30.

Maurice Suite
March 17, 2016