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Performance Overview

Chairman's Report

The Group's third quarter results reflect growth over the prior year. Year to date revenue of $458.2m was 5.6% higher than 2015 levels, while sales for the third quarter were $26.6m (17.4%) more than the comparative period for the prior year.

Results from continuing operations of $138.9m reflects improved performance of $10.4m or 8.1% over prior year. Profit after tax of $94.1m was impacted by settlement of a judgement in relation to a non-recurring legal matter which was only partially offset by foreign exchange gains. As a result, the resulting earnings per share of $0.46 was $0.02 ( 4.2%) below the comparative period last year.

The Group continues to assess opportunities for growth and improved profit sustainability by driving a disciplined approach to the business and seeking new options for expansion.

Rolph Balgobin
November 4, 2016